Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Exchange E.Sharp

Exchange E.Sharp...

What it iz peoples. Hommie Big Sam's Caricature Draw Exchange. Check out some of his work too if u already haven't, he's dope. But yea, his Draw Exchangeis in full effect, i like the idea to get people sharing and networking in a creative way...So i figured i'd donate a couple stills of this guy i kno...Me! Lol, these were the only pics i could find on my comp with decent enuff quality or u can use the one in my profile...So pic one and take a stab @ Sharp...Just make sure to let me know so i can check it out. If u're not sure what this is about or what the hell i'm talkin' about, lol, then just check out
(P.S. Every1 and any1 feel free to "FOLLOW" me and my work....I mean i'm new to this whole blogging thing, but i'm always intrigued and inspired by seeing art from a different perspective of other artist!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grafitti Giant

Almost 4got about this...One of my pieces where i ended up addin' the guy wit the ladder and spray cans aftawards....Last minute thought, made it look like a mural...Goodmoney!

Got Goons?

A more recent joint...This was actually 4 seperate pieces i ended up mergin'...kutos to

Smooth Criminal!

One of my favs for some reason...

Love & Marriage!

Based on the Chris Rock joint...Man, afta i saw that movie i couldn't help but take a stab @

In Between the Sheets!

Anutha older piece i revamped in 07'...Love the color scheme

Hustle Hard!

Pretty much self explainitory...When that song came out, i couldn't get the hook out my head, lol...

Good Ganja!

This was an old piece i did back in 05' actually, just decided to throw in in ps7...

I'm Sowwy!!!

Funny, this is the first time i've eva used photoshop, so i thought i was pretty good at the time...I'm teachin' myself from scratch tho, so hey....All of my work is str8 from my sketchbook...i usually end up scannin' it into my laptop...Unfortunately i don't have a pen tablet, workin' on it tho...Anyway, lemme know what u think...ez!